Justice Rising

Fundraising Campaign Design and Development


  • Real-time donation updates via Stripe API
  • Works inside of a standard Squarespace site
  • Fully responsive / mobile-friendly

My Role

  • UI Design and Art Direction
  • Development (JS, Stripe API, Keen.io)
Completed 2016
Justice Rising Donate page - Top

It was important that we kept the ability for a potential donor to give a quick gift, so I broke Justice Rising's standard donate page into two sections. The first for standard gifts and the second for campaign-specific gifts.

Form slide down

After selecting either “Give Monthly” or “One-Time Gift”, a section containing the embedded donation form slides up.

Mobile and Tablet comps

The campaign section was designed and built to look great and work well at any size.

Campaign Section with Hover

Hovering over a campaign tile (or tapping, if on a touch device) reveals a brief description with read more and donate links.

Campaign-specific donate page

After selecting a campaign, the user is taken to a page with a donation form dedicated to that specific campaign.

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